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Rin and I promised to marry if they decided to work. However, Rin was assigned to teaching practice in the DQN class, where the class had collapsed. The teacher who would normally support the apprentice is also sexually harassing Rin. The students who were watching had their sexual desire fired, saying, “This woman is fucking w”, and she was taken to the toilet and insulted, or forced to leak in the hallway. Eventually it will be used as a teaching material for sex education, and all the classes will be vaginal cum shot in order. お互い就職が決まったら結婚しようと約束をしたリンと僕。しかしリンが教育実習で配属された先は学級崩壊したDQNクラスだった。本来なら実習生をサポートしてくれる担任教諭もリンにセクハラをする始末。見ていた生徒たちは「この女はヤレるw」と性欲に火が点いてしまい、トイレに連れ込まれて凌辱されたり、廊下でお漏らしを強制されたり…。最終的に性教育の教材にされ、クラス全員に順番に中出しされてしまう…。 Free HD on JavFinder

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